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How come I decided to be a web designer?

Hello. I am Aki, a web designer who hates science and mathematics.
When it comes to web design, programming and design aesthetics are necessary and very difficult! I thought that only looking at numbers would be boring and unpleasant =)
Today I would like to write why I aimed to becoming a web designer.

I went from one job, that required English skills, to another; least I knew, I was already 30-years old. Even I work hard everyday to support my Filipino family,I realize that I do not have any skills besides English.
One day,I finally inally decided to challenge and get certified in a field I never tried before. Unless you try it, and act, nothing will happen by itself. So, I constantly search for something suitable on Google and YouTube. That is where I discovered about Web Designer. First, started by studying programing by myself, for several months. At first, as things went smoothly, but soon after, things began to get more and more complicated to the point that I could no longer understand the explanations of the meanings for many HTML tags…whoops! I rushed things too fast :P
Right around the time I began to worry and wonder if I should stop studying by myself, I had a faithful encounter. The training school Murumayu Design jyuku.
First,participated in the free consultation session of the school and could not believe my ears. The school teacher said, "You can make a website even if you don’t know programming". That was what convinced me and applied for the school =)
Of course,that was not the only reason! It was at that moment that I decided to take the courses and aimed to differentiate myself from other web designers who only focus on having the title on a resume or are satisfied just by only making beautiful things. I wanted to do it. I decided to become a WEB designer in earnest.

You never know what life has in store for you. If you had told me 10-years ago that I would aim to become a web designer, I would not believe you. If you challenge yourself to try something new, you may encounter a new you:)

See you on next blog!

2 thoughts on “バリバリの文系の私がWEBデザイナーを目指したワケ

  1. アキさん初めまして。megumiと申します。47歳で脚の病気悪化したため営業職を今月退職。ピンチはチャレンジかと未経験だけどwebで仕事すると決めて、ぬるま湯塾に興味持ったばかりです。 アキさんフィリピンにご家族がおられるのですね。支えておられること素晴らしいです✨

    1. megumiさん、コメントありがとうございます:)大変光栄です。
      SNSほとんど更新できてないのですがw aki.webdesignerで検索していただければinstagramとfacebookにアカウントがあります。

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