The true Philippines

Hello. Today I would like to write about the Philippines, where I live. If you don't know much about the Philippines, does this image is how you picture it?

Let me show you the Philippines of 2020! Boom! LOL

The skyscrapers are beautiful isn’t it. Many condominiums equipped with pools were also built. However, this picture is of a wealthy area, of course there is still a poverty gap, but it is often said that the Philippines of today is now looking like the Japan's of the high growth period. The population is increasing, and the age group graph is an inverse pyramid, which is the exact opposite of Japan birth rate. My relatives in the Philippines have more and more children every year, so much so, I can't remember their names anymore LOL.
If you want to escape from Japan, where the economy is sluggish, How about considering the Philippines as an option?

For now, I would like to talk about poverty in the Philippines in another article.

See you on next blog!

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