COVI-19 Aid

Hello Today I would like to write about corona aid.

I purchased this big sea bream from my friend who is a fisherman in Nagasaki prefecture. Due to the Coronavirus, the clientele has disappeared, and 20,000 cultivated-sea breams have no place to go! 
There are still so many sea breams that have been carefully cultivated at the westernmost part of the island…Even if my help is small, I thought that I could do something about it and bought some of the fish; sent them as gifts to acquaintances and eat some of them myself.
With the help of some friends, we are using social media to spread the word with the aim to find homes for these sea bream. This has been going on for a few months already. Right now, I'm working on an advertisement proposal for these sea breams to use in social media. I will upload it as soon as it is finished.

These are troubling times, so it is important to help each other. Remember to care for others as others have cared for us, by doing so people will gather around you. The number of people who will support this cause will increase. That is how I feel. Somehow, I think I said it in a way a fortune teller would LOL

Click here for details on sea bream. If you are interested, please check it out!

See you on next blog!

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